For your international events, conferences, business meetings, seminars, European works councils,
product presentations, press conferences, study visits…

For a large number of languages

French, English, German, Italian, Spanish ..and many more


Tailor-made solutions at the right price

Which languages to choose? Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting? How many interpreters with what language combination? What’s the right interpreting equipment? At what cost?
Because each (multilingual) event is a unique moment, my quotes are carefully prepared, detailed and always adjusted to your needs.

The personal touch!

A one-stop-shop for live translation of spoken languages and quality interpretation equipment. It’s the best way to insure real customer support during pre-event planning and for the duration of your event.

Professional services

Highly skilled language specialists who will contribute to your event’s success. Interpreters who are members of AIIC, accredited by major European Institutions and comply with a strict code of ethics and strict confidentiality rules.

Equipment rental and technical support

Quality interpreting equipment (mobile booths to hire, headseats, microphones..) and the assistance of a highly qualified technician throughout your conference. Because sound quality is important for the comfort of your participants and for the success of your event !


Simultaneous interpreting (also called spoken translation)

The interpreters work in a soundproof booth equipped with microphones and headsets. The audience listens to the interpretation with earphones. Simultaneous interpreting provides real-time multilingual communication!

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes notes and presents his interpretation after the speaker. Consecutive interpreting is suitable for official speeches and short interventions. It’s also used in small business meetings. No specific equipment is needed but it takes up more meeting time!

Whispered interpreting

The interpreter provides interpretation in a quiet voice, close to no more than two listeners. It’s simultaneous interpretation without a booth. It’s suitable for small groups, short meetings and should not take place in a noisy room.

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